Extractions in Spicewood, TX

Why Would I Need An Extraction?

Tooth extractions are necessary if you have a damaged or unhealthy tooth that’s causing you lots of pain or discomfort, or may lead to future dental health problems. At Bee Creek Dental, extractions are always our last resort. Dr. Richard Donkersgoed will only recommend an extraction if there’s no other way to save and restore your natural tooth. 

Spicewood Extractions
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About 20-25% of people are born with 1-3 wisdom teeth, and 35% of people have no wisdom teeth at all.

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What To Expect From The Tooth Extraction Process

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Numbing and preparation

To begin, Dr. Donkersgoed will clean and numb the extraction site to keep you comfortable. We also offer dental sedation for your comfort.

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Basic extraction

In a basic extraction, Dr. Donkersgoed will use a few different tools to loosen the tooth in its socket. Then, he will grasp it with a pair of dental forceps and pull it out of the socket. He’ll clean and suture the area to promote healing, and repeat this process if more teeth need to be extracted.

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Surgical extraction

Surgical extraction is needed when a tooth is impacted (not fully erupted) or is extremely damaged. Dr. Donkersgoed will make an incision into your gums, then cut the tooth into sections. He’ll extract it piece-by-piece until the entire tooth is gone. Then, he’ll clean and suture the area, and repeat this process, if necessary.

Healing & recovery

Dr. Donkersgoed will send you home with a full set of recovery instructions. It takes 1-2 weeks to heal from your extraction. Make sure to follow his instructions closely to speed up the process.

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Around 40% of Americans suffer from dental anxiety.

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What Instructions Should I Follow After Extraction?

Dr. Donkersgoed will give you a full set of instructions to follow. The most important things to do are to eat a diet of soft foods, avoid spitting, smoking, or sucking on straws for a few days, and to clean your extraction site and your teeth thoroughly. You also may want to avoid heavy exertion and exercise for a few days to minimize bleeding and discomfort.

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What Can I Expect When I’m Healing?

You won’t feel any pain right after your procedure, but you will feel some discomfort after your numbing and sedation wear off. This usually peaks and then starts to lessen after 1-3 days. You can take any prescription pain medication that Dr. Donkersgoed prescribes to you, or take Tylenol and ice the area to help with pain.

After three days or so, you shouldn't be feeling much pain, and you should no longer be bleeding. Your mouth will feel a lot better after a week, and you’ll be fully healed after two weeks. You may need to come back to our office for a checkup and to get your stitches out, so make sure you come in for any scheduled follow-ups.