The Bee Creek Dental Journey

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

In 2016, Dr. Meagan Scarborough was pregnant with her daughter Sloane when she discovered the communities developing around Bee Creek Road. Bee Creek Road extends off from Highway 71 near the Sweetwater, Rough Hollow, Lakeway, Bee Cave and Spicewood communities. The location seemed to be the perfect blend of country and city.

After graduation in 2013, Dr. Meagan Scarborough and her husband, Daniel, moved to Marble Falls to be close to family. Dr. Meagan Scarborough is originally from Amarillo, Texas so it seemed ideal to be back in the roots of her country life treating patients that she would also see in the community. It was always a dream to be the hometown dentist that everyone could trust.

Bigger plans were in store for Dr. Meagan Scarborough and her family. They soon moved to Steiner Ranch as it was a perfect blend of what they wanted, small town feel in a big city. Steiner Ranch was an incredible community that captured their heart and welcomed them as new business owners of Steiner Dental. Steiner Dental is a community-driven family practice that treats patients of all ages. In fact, when Dr. Meagan Scarborough was pregnant with their second child they discovered a growing community with very few dental providers. In 2016, Dr. Meagan Scarborough signed her lease to initiate a start up dental practice in the Sweetwater Community, Rough Hollow, Lakeway, Bee Cave and Spicewood communities off of Bee Creek Road. Little did they know that the development of the land would take 4 years to complete. It worked out really well for Dr. Meagan and her family as they were blessed with another baby 21 months later completing their family of 5! Lake Travis Middle School was built in 2015 when the owner of the land decided to sell a portion of the horse stable to develop a much needed school for the growing communities. The land closest to the road is location of Bee Creek Dental, which will be launching in 2020! Four years after the vision of Bee Creek Dental started, it is safe to say that Dr. Meagan Scarborough will be providing services to the growing communities and is looking forward to being welcomed in to the area she now calls home. Dr. Meagan Scarborough and her family live in Old Lakeway directly in the middle of their two growing dental homes, Steiner Dental and Bee Creek Dental.

The journey of Bee Creek Dental has been a long one up to this point, but it is exciting to finally share with the communities of Sweetwater, Rough Hollow, Lakeway, Bee Cave and Spicewood that they will now have access to high quality dental care without leaving your community! 78734, 78738, 78669 is the heart and driving force of Bee Creek Dental!

Dentist near me? Sweetwater Community (78738), Rough Hollow Community (78738), Lakeway (78734), Bee Cave (78738) and Spicewood (78669) communities... we are here to serve you! Our dental home provides the high quality care that you deserve under a transparent and refining environment.

Dentist 78738, Dentist 78734, Dentist 78669 : Your area dentist is located at 4900 Bee Creek Road Spicewood, Texas directly in front of Lake Travis Middle School off of Highway 71

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