Pediatric Dentistry

At your child's first annual well check with their pediatrician, you will be asked if your child has seen a dentist. The purpose of the first dental visit is to educate the parents on home care routines, acclimate the child to professional dental care, provide a fluoride application and examine the patient for function and growth.  

A child is anyone under the age of 14 years old (in the dental world).  The child should go to the dentist for diagnostic radiographs to diagnose interproximal decay (cavities between the teeth that cannot be seen with the naked eye), a professional cleaning and education from a dental hygienist on improved home care routines. A fluoride application is recommended two times a year for the strengthening of dimeneralized enamel. 

Pediatric dentistry, if seen routinely from a young age, is equivalent to preventive dentistry.  We highly recommend that you immediately seek a dental provider for your child before age 1.  At Bee Creek Dental, we see children for their first visit and get them acclimated to the quality of dental care that they need.  

If your child requires the attention of a specialized dentist, we will provide a referral based on your child's specialized needs.